Managing new energy sources is a massive task but VisibleMagic created a system that meters, maintains, and controls the way energy is used globally.


A blockchain energy marketplace

The client needed Blockchain-enabled IoT nodes to create a power usage marketplace.

A robust, scalable solution

We worked with AT to make a robust, AWS-backed, check-in app that went far beyond prototype to a fully productized offering that can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users.


Smart everything

We interacted with the company's smart energy meters in order to create an end-to-end solution for the project. It was a massive lift and VM pulled if off on time.

What We Used


Blockchain App

Blockchain is our speciality. Let's figure out how we can make it yours.


IoT App

Embedded code is crazy hard. We make it easy.


Web App

Need a web app? We got you. Need something ready to implement on mobile? We got you again. Let's talk.

Our Other Projects

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups

AT: The Social Map
Our client wanted to turn quick plans into meetups with friends. We built an app that turns "Maybe later" into "See you soon!"

But more than that, this concept makes the mobile "check in" relevant again, by making it more about function than showing off.

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