Can you recognize an AI’s startup ideas from real ones?

The news site Sifted received access to the GPT-3 AI and tasked it with generating startup ideas based on example pitches. The results were interesting, as the AI had managed to create numerous uncannily realistic pitches compared to real startups operating today. Here are some of the best startups the AI generated.

NeoWize’s AI platform tackles one of the biggest challenges in the industry: the lack of skilled inspectors that can analyse the quality of raw materials. The company’s AI model learns from experts and can be used to measure the quality of any material in a repeatable and scalable way.

Avva is building the most efficient global healthcare platform. With more data on doctors, hospitals and patients, Avva will increase efficiency of providers and services. It will help doctors gain more time with their patients, and help hospitals get better paid. Avva’s AI steering can help providers decide when to refer a patient to a different hospital to get the best price for that service.

Hound provides a digital assistant to help you find the best home care for your loved ones. By combining the language recognition technology of Hound alongside our on-demand platform, we’ve helped parents find the best care, and nurses find opportunities to work from home.

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Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash