Meet the Jetson One, the $92,000 One-person eVTOL

While large EV companies vie for market share, trying to revolutionize mass transportation, the Swedish company Jetson has different goals in mind.

“We just want to have fun” -Peter Ternström, President and Founder of Jetson

Jetson’s “Jetson One” is a one-seated eVTOL, a new and growing sector of the EV sector. The Jetson One weighs 190 pounds and is capable of carrying 210 pounds. Featuring eight rotors, fly-by-wire aeronautics, an aluminum frame, a ballistic parachute, and an obstacle avoidance lidar, while made for fun, the Jetson One does not skimp out on the features, and can reach a high speed of 63 mph.

Image Courtesy of Jetson