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Blockchain Security Under Scrutiny: Arkham Intelligence’s Controversial Market for Blockchain Data

Arkham Intelligence is transforming “blockchain security” by establishing a market for trading data related to cryptocurrency wallet ownership and transaction history. The online platform unites traders and information seekers willing to pay for this intel with internet detectives who have the skills to uncover it. [mini-contact-form] Miguel Morel, Arkham’s 23-year-old CEO, sees this marketplace as […]


Blockchain Game Development: A New Era of Gaming

In the dynamic world of technology, blockchain has emerged as a revolutionary innovation, best known for its role in powering cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the potential applications of blockchain technology extend far beyond the realm of finance. One industry where blockchain is making a significant impact is gaming, a sector that has always […]


Industrial Metaverse: Iberdrola Announces Investment in a Technologically Advanced Future

Industrial metaverse has become the focal point of Iberdrola’s innovative vision for the electricity sector. The Spanish multinational electric utility company recently declared an ambitious investment of 4,000 million euros in Research and Development & Innovation (R&D&I) by 2030, unveiled at their 9th Digital Summit. [mini-contact-form] Iberdrola Fuelling the Industrial Metaverse Revolution The event, themed […]


Apple Vision Pro and its Role in Shaping the Web3 and Metaverse Ecosystems

On the world’s virtual stage, Apple made an electrifying revelation that sent reverberations through the tech community. At the Worldwide Developers Conference, they officially unveiled the much-anticipated mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3,499, the advanced device is carving out a niche for itself in the landscape of spatial computing, stirring up waves […]


Web3 Platform Ushers in Unprecedented Advancements in Shipping & Logistics

The shipping and logistics industry has experienced several upheavals recently, with the collapse of FTX and the dissolution of the TradeLens blockchain network. Despite these setbacks, the Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) continues to champion the potential of the Web3 platform to revolutionize the sector. [mini-contact-form] GSBN: A Global Ambition Headquartered in Hong Kong, GSBN […]


Sensorium’s Web3 Platform Receives Support from DWF Labs

Web3 platform enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Sensorium, the innovative company behind the AI-driven metaverse Sensorium Galaxy, announced a significant purchase of SENSO tokens from DWF Labs. This initiative supports the development of a new decentralized platform, integrating blockchain technology and aiming to further expand Web3 platform use cases for the company’s flagship product. […]


Blocktrace Revolutionizes Bitcoin Blockchain Analysis with AI-powered Chatbot

Blocktrace, an Austin-based startup, is transforming the way blockchain transaction tracking is done by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Founded in 2018 by software engineer Shaun MaGruder, Blocktrace uses a chatbot named Robby the Robot to interact with data on the Bitcoin blockchain, making the analysis process faster and more efficient. [mini-contact-form] Why Blocktrace? MaGruder, […]


Blockchain Innovations Propel Bank of America’s Patent Growth

Bank of America has experienced a surge in granted patents, reaching 608 in 2022. This 19% increase over the previous year is particularly significant considering the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued 1% fewer patents overall in 2022. Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, Web3, and machine learning have all played crucial roles in driving this […]


Web3 Messaging: Revolutionizing Communication with Unstoppable Domains

Web3 Messaging is a groundbreaking domain-to-domain messaging platform set to launch this year, leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to enable encrypted communication between Web3 domain owners. This innovative service will allow users to manage who can message them, target messages to specific badge holders such as NFT owners, stay updated on their favorite projects […]


EOS Blockchain Elevates 2023 with a Promising New Chapter in Decentralized Communication

During the early days of the internet, decentralized platforms like bulletin board services (BBS) were all the rage. These networks were designed to allow users to share information and engage in discussions without any centralized authority. However, the rise of social media caused these distributed systems to lose their popularity and take a backseat to […]