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Our goal

We melded AI and human effort to create the cheapest and fastest transcription platform on the Internet. They also needed it in about a week. Why? Because they wanted to make sure that the project would get active users before they invested more in the product. VisibleMagic pulled together the MVP in a few days and delivered on time.

A project designed to take on entrenched competitors.

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CheapTranscription was supposed to do what it says on the tin – offer cheap transcription for 10 cents a minute – but the founders needed a way to deliver. We used machine learning, voice recognition, and cloud computing to create a platform that is faster, cheaper, and better than any service on the Internet.


How we did it


First, hire the robots

CheapTranscription needed an AI solution to transcribe speech. Thanks to our experience in machine learning we were able to wire up a workable solution.

Then find the humans...

CheapTranscription wanted a human-based solution for customers. We wired together a powerful call center and transcription service to manage human-based transcriptions.

And launch!

We were able to get CheapTranscription up and running in a week. Why? Because the team wanted to see how the market would react to the product and they were amazed.

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