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About HypeHop

HypeHop wanted to pay real cash to users who watched videos online. They needed a way to ensure that people were actually watching so they need some sort of facial recognition tech. Then, they wanted to pay out in bitcoin. It was impossible buzzword salad, right? Not for VisibleMagic.

A platform that pays for your attention

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We built a crypto-based platform that watches users who watch videos and pays them for their attention.

HypeHop was an experiment in media. The creators knew that no one watched online video. So how do you get them to tune in? By paying them for their time and attention.

How we did it


An elegant solution to a sticky problem.

The team at HypeHop had a vision: they wanted to reward video viewers for their undivided attention, creating a system that could allow advertisers and content creators to ensure consumers heard their message.

Real Machine Learning

VisibleMagic created a machine learning model to watch the faces of viewers as they interacted with videos. The video stopped if the viewer looked away and, once the video was done, viewers could be scored for attentiveness and interest. The best part? The platform sends cryptocurrency to the viewer instantly.

The Result?

A product that works amazingly well that we produced on time and under budget. VisibleMagic hit all the buzzwords - AI, ML, and blockchain - and they delivered.

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