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Grow your agency capabilities. Win more clients.

  • Increase your capacity and revenue
  • Focus on what you do best while we solve your dev challenges
  • Affordable turn-key solutions for agency owners

Double your capacity for new clients in 2021

You've built the strategy, features and designs. Now let us build it and bring it to life for you.

Extend your client offerings with high-quality custom software

Web Sites and Web Apps

  • We build high-load websites and complex web-apps on JAMStack with React and cloud-native infrastructure.

  • We know how to squeeze out maximum PageSpeed metrics to get better SERP rankings for your clients.

  • We can integrate the CMS of your choice or make a custom one on JAMStack. A few we love are: Contentful, Strapi, and Wordpress.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

  • We build native apps for iOS and Android. If your client needs to reduce Total Cost of Ownership - we can build a cross-platform app with ReactNative.

  • We build inherently scalable data-driven applications on top of GraphQL, AWS Amplify and REST.

  • We can enhance your existing native or web apps and maintain them for the entire product lifecycle.

Backends and Microservices

  • We build Scalable backend systems and cloud-based technologies are key to cost-effective user base growth.

  • We develop custom databases, API servers, or engineer cloud-first apps powered by AWS Dynamo.

  • We integrate with your customer's legacy backend or reengineer legacy software to microservices. Enhance existing data with recommendation or prediction services.

We guarantee very competitive pricing for our long-term partners and the best quality software for every project.

Jay Donovan

VisibleMagic co-founder, former agency leader

We understand the pressures agencies face.

And now, more than ever, we want to keep you top-of-mind with your clients by giving you the ability to make the strategy and design come to life.

Listen, I spent decades immersed in agency life. I understand the pressures, the short timelines, the course-changing, and the endless unknowns. I get it.

We know that managing utilization is challenging and expensive so we are here to help you realize the technical side of things so you can maximize your client projects and expand your own offerings to those clients. It's part of the reason I started this company!

Here is an example of how our stream-lined process works

Projects can begin two weeks after you say the word.

Sep 29 – Oct 6


The Setup

The paperwork, rapid discovery, the estimation, the requirements

Oct 6 – Oct 13


Team Assembled

Allocate the right people to do the work

Oct 13 – Oct 20


The Legwork

Start the sprints

Oct 20 – Oct 27


The Results

Satisfied clients!

Our cases and implemented projects

Visible Magic provides end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.


We consider Visible Magic to be a strategic partner as we rely on them for projects with the most demanding requirements. Precise estimation, on time delivery, and good quality of work are their outcomes and the reason why they are our first choice.

Stella Supic, Convergent-USA

Who is Visible Magic?

Jay Donovan

Co-Founder and COO

While at IBM iX, Jay guided successful and profitable strategy projects for the likes of Owens Corning, Staples, Oriental Trading, Newell Brands, and more.

Equally steeped in the Product side of things, Jay developed and brought to market Alliance Data’s Digital Card platform—the first native app mobile payments platform for private label credit cards—that increased user basket size by 20%. He also led the ScottsMiracle-Gro app portfolio to the top DTC revenue channel during his tenure with the company.

Viktor Shpak

Co-Founder and CTO, AWS Solutions Architect

Viktor is a skilled engineer and leader and is experienced with blockchain architecture, crypto-currencies, product management, start-up culture, agile methodologies, serverless architecture, and applications of different kinds. He guides our teams of developers to success again and again.

Cooperation is the name of the game

White Label Services

White label our services as your own. Build your own tech-forward agency by partnerting with the Visible Magic team.

We can aid with strategy, sales, or estimation processes to get the ball rolling on projects or partnerships. We're happy to assist in client calls and RFPs.

Our team builds out what we design together. You mark up our rates to match your own rate card while we do the dev work for you. Everyone wins.

Client Referral

This is the quickest an easiest way to work with us. Just refer your clients to us and we’ll pay you 10% of every payment they make.

Let's work together to build more.

We do everything from client management to delivery across a range of services including custom software development, applications development, cloud operations to support. It's passive income.

Frequent Questions

  • Isn't it hard to work with a 3rd party?

    When you work with a 3rd party, "control" is always a concern. Can success and speed be ensured? Am I going to sign a contract and then be stuck with underperformance? Will I get the things I paid for?

    We get it, because we've been there and have been burned by 3rd parties ourselves. So we set out to do it differently and make working with a 3rd party feel like working with your own FTEs.

    We guarantee: a single point of contact, anticipation of needs, clear and simple contracts, attention to detail, availability, and most importantly, successful projects.

  • How do we know your processes are stable?

    Our processes will be transparent to you, but rest assured that all code passes internal code-review before release. We can integrate with your own code-review team to adhere to your brands' requirements. We can assemble a manual QA pipeline and ensure that your clients can get automated test suites, if that is what you want. Additionally, all code will be tested on a large fleet of devices, as needed.

And most importantly...

We manage capacity in smart ways

Your project manager is dedicated to your needs. We are available during U.S. business hours and we're ready to help.

100% turnkey solutions

Deploy-ready solutions mean you don't have to worry about dotting the i's and crossing the t's yourself. We handle the details.

Direct team relationship

Team members are always available to you for direct communication at any time during your business day.

Still not sure?

Let us run a test project... FOR FREE!

An example of a test project:

  • Assembly of a single webpage or web-app prototype based on your design
  • Building the first screen for your mobile app
  • Explaination of the code and technology choices we made

Double your capacity for new clients in 2021

Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and numbers for this year.

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