Transcription for pennies. CheapTranscription turns an expensive proposition into something cheap, easy, and instant.

Speech Recognition for Pennies

A team needed a quick and easy solution for transcription. We helped architect a technical and business solution that was viable, affordable, and profitable.

First, hire the robots.

Our experience in machine learning allowed us to wire up a workable solution that transcribes high-quality recordings in a matter of minutes with high accuracy.

Then find the humans…

But we also built a business solution for those times when consumers wanted the human touch. We solved the business challenges of hiring people to do extremely nuanced work with a minimum of back-and-forth.

And launch!

After completing the MVP in just a few days, we went on to fully productize the offering and create the cheapest and fastest transcription platform on the Internet.

What We Did


Identifying the best technology to meet the user and design needs so that an elegant and efficient solution can come to life

UI/UX Design

Listening to users to hear their needs and then let that data reveal the path to an empathetic and beautiful design


Rapid prototyping to test a theory, prove a concept, or test the waters before fully productizing

Project Screenshots

Our Other Projects

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.

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