HypeHop pays real cash to users who watch videos online. It watches users as they watch the videos and rewards their time and attention.

Watch and get paid

Our client wanted to pay users for watching important videos. Excited to explore what this meant, we built a crypto-based platform that uses facial recognition technology to ensure that users who signed up actually watched the videos they agreed to watch.

An elegant solution to a sticky problem

The video stopped if the viewer looked away and, once the video was done, viewers could be scored for attentiveness and interest.

Real Machine Learning

In order to keep users incentivized to participate they were instantly paid by cryptocurrency.

The Result?

This was one of our favorite projects as it hit all the buzzwords - AI, ML, and blockchain! Best of all? It works like a charm.

What We Did


Identifying the best technology to meet the user and design needs so that an elegant and efficient solution can come to life

UI/UX Design

Listening to users to hear their needs and then let that data reveal the path to an empathetic and beautiful design


Rapid prototyping to test a theory, prove a concept, or test the waters before fully productizing

Project Screenshots

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