Jaywalk needed an iOS and Android app that was powerful, easy-to-use, and global. The team at Visible Magic built the app in a few months.

An app that tracks health and wealth.

The client wanted an app-based social network that connects users with unique health-related sensors and rewards them with discounts for their activity. We consulted with Jaywalk to build their business model and network of participating locations while simultaneously building their technical solution from stem to stern.

Android and iOS and a great back end? We built it.

The app had to run on both Android and iOS and it had to be rock solid and location accurate. Using a combination of Swift, Java, and Django, the team put together all the parts needed to build an app that looked like a million bucks and cost much less.

Create a JayBank.

To achieve the incentive for participation, we developed JayCoin—the company's internal currency to pay users. More than just payment though, it is a virtual bank that keeps track of balances in real time.

On the road

Android and iOS apps came together in a few months and suddenly Jaywalk users walked over 100,000 miles using the app. Not bad for a health startup.

Work Performed

Mobile App

The sum of the parts (prototype, UX strategy/design, and programming development) coming together for a complete product


Identifying the best technology to meet the user and design needs so that an elegant and efficient solution can come to life

UI/UX Design

Listening to users to hear their needs and then let that data reveal the path to an empathetic and beautiful design


Rapid prototyping to test a theory, prove a concept, or test the waters before fully productizing

Project Screenshots

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