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Mindstream Interactive

We helped add mobile app development to their quiver of agency tools.

Who is Mindstream Interactive?

Mindstream Interactive is a full-service creative agency in central Ohio. They have a solid clientele and all the classic digital agency skill sets, but at the time were missing a few specializations—especially in mobile app development and associated best practices.

The Problem

An RFP came their way, requiring a high degree of mobile app planning, development chops, and general know-how. Mindstream reached out to us to help them plan a technology approach and RFP response. They also tapped us, as a visible partner, to help present the proposal to the client; a top tier, soft-goods retailer.

The Solution

We helped develop, not only the mobile app approach, strategy, roadmap, and pricing structure, but we also helped develop a creative RFP response that utilized and delivered a live web application that mimicked a mobile app, so the brand could easily visualize what our combined companies would do for them. Mindstream also asked the the mobile web site could act as a way for stake holders to customize how the RFP pitch was actually presented to them (a really creative idea).

Specific Technical Challenges To Overcome

With less than 10 days to build a mobile website that emulates a mobile app in design, we turned to WordPress as a tool for rapid design and development. Setting up and hosting with a vanity URL—and testing on multiple devices and platforms—we sent the prototype to the brand ahead of time and used the forms inside it as a way to let them organize and customize our RFP response. In this way, we showed we had paid careful attention to their approach for their existing legacy app.

The Result

The partnership was a success and led to Mindstream winning the client as a new partner.

Work Performed

Web App

RFP Response


The Review

"They were consummate professionals at every step of the way."

Visible Magic LLC led a successful partnership, providing all the needs of the internal stakeholders. The team has helped set the client apart from the competition. They have showcased their abilities and support. Overall, their nimble service satisfies the client.

Wes Meermans

Director, Mindstream Interactive

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We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.


HypeHop pays real cash to users who watch videos online. It watches users as they watch the videos and rewards their time and attention.


Managing new energy sources is a massive task but Visible Magic created a system that meters, maintains, and controls the way energy is used globally.


Jaywalk needed an iOS and Android app that was powerful, easy-to-use, and international. The team at Visible Magic build the app in a few months.


Transcription for pennies. CheapTranscription turns an expensive proposition into something cheap, easy, and instant.

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