TICON needed a solution to build a financial information and ratings service that provides news, market data, and research for cryptocurrencies.

What is TICON 100?

TICON 100 was short for The ICO Network and it was designed to optimize the recent rise in ICO activity in crypto investment. The goal was simple: to tell the story of 100 important crypto tokens with media, analytics, and quantitative analysis. While the ICO craze tapped out quickly, the goal was to create an MVP that the founders could take to investors. While the project itself wasn’t successful, the founders used it to fund future projects in the space.

The Problem

Understanding the ICO market was difficult. The market was akin to the traditional stock market but had one important distinction: it was completely opaque to investors and investigators. How do you assess a token’s value when the token itself was just created overnight?

In order to bring order to this chaos, the TICON team wanted to be able to bring multiple factors into play including token price, creation specifics, and even media. The Visible Magic crew used a number of techniques to build a “Top 100” ICO list that took into account the vagaries of the market and the importance of transparency.

The Solution

Adept proposed an advanced, highly interactive website design that utilized looping, fullscreen background video as well as ambient sound effects and more. However this had also had to work seamlessly on mobile devices where that kind of interaction could be battery-intensive.

When all the requirements were assessed, we identified the need to build a sophisticated video player, to be programmatically controllable from the application. This included audio, subtitles, autoplay, and mobile support. It was a technical challenge to combine all these features and make them work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Specific Technical Challenges To Overcome

Visible Magic used algorithmic analysis to understand the complex ICO markets while also using machine learning systems to understand sentiment and online discussion. Because the team wanted a granular understanding of the market, the VM team had to take into account multiple aspects of each coin from its value to its velocity as well as the actual usage in real terms. That’s right: they wanted to understand the truth behind the hype.

The Result

The project was a success. The list, the TICON 100, reflected the real value of each token based on a number of criteria and we were able to modify position changes automatically using a Firebase backend and Django front end. The AWS-hosted service used a number of custom and off-the-shelf machine learning components to analyze the ICOs in real time and the entire thing was lightning fast. The client was pleased with their MVP which, in the end, was as good if not better than competing sites on the Internet.

What We Did


Identifying the best technology to meet the user and design needs so that an elegant and efficient solution can come to life

UI/UX Design

Listening to users to hear their needs and then let that data reveal the path to an empathetic and beautiful design


Rapid prototyping to test a theory, prove a concept, or test the waters before fully productizing


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