TICON needed a solution to build a financial information and ratings service that provides news, market data, and research for cryptocurrencies.

A crowded market

TICON knew that the crypto world was saturated. How could they stand out? Visible Magic realized they needed to build something beautiful, usable, and powerful.

Mobile and desktop

Crypto is a unique market. Many users depend on the desktop experience to research and trade but often use mobile devices for updates. We built a powerful desktop-first solution that could also be used on a mobile device.

Design first

An app like this one had to be beautiful and clear. We built a solution that was easy to understand and information-dense.

What We Did


Identifying the best technology to meet the user and design needs so that an elegant and efficient solution can come to life

UI/UX Design

Listening to users to hear their needs and then let that data reveal the path to an empathetic and beautiful design


Rapid prototyping to test a theory, prove a concept, or test the waters before fully productizing


Our Other Projects

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.

HypeHop pays real cash to users who watch videos online. It watches users as they watch the videos and rewards their time and attention.

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