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From our own experience, we have known how hard it is to find talented blockchain developers, and it is much easier to train them.

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Our mission

Our vision

Our goal

  • Part of our “magic” is that we help companies make money. And when they win, we win. Therefore, Visible Magic’s mission is to help our partner companies be profitable through technology.

    Jay Donovan

    Cofounder and CEO

  • The first of our five core values is Honesty. Honesty with ourselves and with others is foundational to success. Transparent actions and communications build trust and make our work environment effective. With this in mind, our vision is to create a workplace and project environment that maintains this honesty at all times. This is a key to excellence.

    Jay Donovan

    Cofounder and CEO

  • Empower our employees with the autonomy to make decisions and the tools to be successful. With this in place, our mission can be achieved and our vision fulfilled!

    Jay Donovan

    Cofounder and CEO

2019 Founded
25+ Client served
30+ Employees
15+ Projects launched

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