What is Visible Magic?

Visible Magic is a team of founders, creators, technical co-founders, developers, designers, strategists, and project managers who love building transformative, digital experiences. But more than that, we love building the right digital experiences for our trusted partners.

Sometimes these experiences are apps. Sometimes they are websites. Sometimes they are other things… it just depends on what your strategy requires. We do it in a way you can afford. We manage all the details along the way. We take care of it for you after it’s built.

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>40 members

completed >300 projects

10 years of experience

We will help you build digital products you (and your customers) will love!

We offer end-to-end development of app that inherently scales from thousands to millions of users.

Agency Support

Blockchain and Crypto

Product Development

Digital Transformation

Agency Support

We built a sophisticated video player for Adept. This included audio, subtitles, autoplay, and mobile support. It was a technical challenge to combine all these features and make them work seamlessly across multiple platforms.


What it all comes down to is this:


Accurate Requirements

We can help you frame your business problems into a technical solution that will delight consumers and colleagues alike.


Roadmap and Execution

Our teams will help you see a clear path to your final product, and will be with you every step of the way, from the first demo to the product launch.


Maintaining Excellence

Software is a living, breathing thing. We won't develop it and then ditch you. We'll keep you feeling confident that your digital products will be stay stable and useful, even as the digital landscape changes from day to day.

Who started it?
The Visible Magic cofounders are:

Jay Donovan

Cofounder and COO

While at IBM iX, Jay guided successful and profitable strategy projects for the likes of Owens Corning, Staples, Oriental Trading, Newell Brands, and more.

Equally steeped in the Product side of things, Jay developed and brought to market Alliance Data’s Digital Card platform—the first native app mobile payments platform for private label credit cards—that increased user basket size by 20%. He also led the ScottsMiracle-Gro app portfolio to the top DTC revenue channel during his tenure with the company.

Viktor Shpak

Cofounder and CTO, Blockchain Architect

Viktor is a skilled engineer and leader and is experienced with blockchain architecture, crypto-currencies, product management, start-up culture, agile methodologies, serverless architecture, and applications of different kinds. He guides our teams of developers to success again and again.

We do work for companies all over the world.

From React.js website localizations in multiple countries to native apps for startups in the USA…we’ve seen our share of interesting technical challenges and have developed creative products and solutions, time and time again.

Feedback from our clients

Mindstream Interactive

They are speedy and nimble. It is clear they have a very capable dev team but to respond quickly when this is not the only thing they have going on was great. They were consummate professionals at every step of the way. Nothing that could be improved upon from my POV.

Wes Meermans

Director, Mindstream Interactive


Convergent Media Group

We consider Visible Magic to be a strategic partner as we rely on them for projects with the most demanding requirements. Precise estimation, on-time delivery and good quality of work are the reason why they are our first choice.

Stella Čupić 

Head of Business Operations, Convergent Media Group


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