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We offer end-to-end app development that scales from thousands to millions of users.
We understand all the buzzwords – serverless, ML, AI, blockchain – and know when (and when not) to use them.

Whether you’re looking at a new app to offer more customer value or a back-end product to manage your data, we’re here to help.

How we can help

Visible Magic is a US-based team of developers, designers, and dreamers who built a company to solve a huge problem in the tech space:
too many ideas die on the vine because tech talent is unavailable or too expensive.

Our team uses a hybrid dev model to ensure high-quality work at low prices - and we promise to walk with you every step of the way.

What is serverless?

Our co-founder wrote the book on how it works.

Serverless computing is radically changing the way we build and deploy applications.

This hands-on book shows experienced programmers how to build and deploy scalable machine learning and deep learning models using serverless architectures with Microsoft Azure.

Products, MVPs, and Startups

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.

HypeHop pays real cash to users who watch videos online. It watches users as they watch the videos and rewards their time and attention.

Agencies we work with

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.


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Visible Intelligence: The VM Blog

Deepfake Detecting AI Developed By Facebook

In exciting news, researchers at Facebook have revealed new technology that allows them to track deepfakes to the source. They reportedly developed an AI software that could be trained to detect deepfakes from still images or video frames, and even identify which software was used to create the fake, “no matter how novel the technique.” ...

New Set of Antitrust Laws Passed

A set of powerful antitrust laws, acting as the culmination of the findings of more than a year-long investigation of big tech, is targetting tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. The bills’ main aspects include the increase of the government’s power in breaking up parts of large corporations, allowing smaller companies to ...


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