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Full stack Web/Mobile
Need a web or mobile app quickly? We architect and build amazing products on deadline and under budget. Most full-stack houses limit you to one or two familiar platforms. We use what makes the most sense for your particular app.
Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain! We break through the hype and find the real and valuable use cases for blockchain in your business. We ensure your strategy is clear and real.
AI/ML solutions
Computers are getting smarter than humans and we know how to harness that intelligence. Our AI/ML solutions use best-of-breed models and extensible tools to push your apps to the next level.
Connecting hardware to software is hard but we have decades of experience including advanced programming experience in the Bluetooth stack and embedded systems.

AI / Fullstack


AI / Blockchain

Seed registry

eGov / Blockchain


Crypto / Full stack


Finance / Blockchain


Finance / Crypto

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Visible Magic loves a challenge. That's why we make hard things easy.

We build amazing things using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and, thanks to almost a decade of experience, we make it work with today's technology.

The cool stuff we use

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The wizards at Visible Magic are waiting to help you build. Your ideas are important.
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