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John new book, Get Funded!, is available now (and here is an excerpt)

John’s new book, Get Funded!, is out and we’d love for you to check it out. Get Funded! is a compendium of advice and stories about how John and his friend Eric Villines got funded. It’s a book for beginning entrepreneurs and the goal was to give you the tools you need to raise funds


The best book on coding… ever

If you’re anything like the guys at VisibleMagic, you do two things obsessively: visit StackOverflow and buy coding books. I personally have about a dozen under my desk right now where they are getting various levels of use. Older coders, however, remember when these thick tomes were integral to their jobs. “Learn Web Programming In 24


Why is ‘ls’ ‘ls?’

You probably type it every day: ls. It’s a Unix command that shows something like this: {22:51}~/Downloads/BeOS 5.0 Professional ➭ lsBeOS_5.0_Professional.ccd BeOS_5.0_Professional.img BeOS_5.0_Professional.sub A simple list of files, quickly presented. But this simple command has its roots in 40-year-old technology. The first “ls”-like command appeared in 1961 on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Compatible


Keeping in touch on the cheap

One of our favorite tools for startups is called Sendy. It’s paid product that runs on a web server and uses Amazon’s SES mail service to send mass emails from your own domain. We are not huge fans of mass email – a one-on-one approach to sales is best – but sometimes you need to


The notebook test

Want to know the secret to finding product market fit? It’s a notebook. The key to building a product that people will want to use is simple: draw a picture of your product – be it a web app, a mobile app, or even a menu for a hot dog cart. Go to a busy


Build an RSS to Slack bot

Building a Slackbot is surprisingly easy and I wanted one that would send RSS feeds to a special room. This, I discovered, was a bit hard which is why I wanted to share some of my work here. The first trick is to get your Slack API key. This is found here and requires you create


Switch to manual

Before John Glenn died of old age at 95 he almost died more than 9,000 times. That’s how many hours he spent in experimental aircraft. Add in his normal sorties and the hours he spent in orbit and re-entry and it would seem that he took unnecessary and unacceptable risks for the sake of his


What’s your story?

Woe to him who teaches men faster than they can learn. This quote by Will Durant sums up nearly everything happening in tech right now. Even as we rush headlong into a future full of wild ideas, these ideas are generally difficult to grasp, impossible to explain, and easily ridiculed. Thanks to my interviews on Technotopia,


Audit Site Content Using your SEO Plugin

This week we’re going to continue to look at SEO for our WordPress website. We will learn why we should audit site content using your SEO plugin. Now we’re actually going to look at the content on our website and start using that SEO tool we installed to really get down and hone up in our


GDPR-proofing your website

Have you heard of GPDR or “General Data Protection Regulation”? This is a European Union regulation that affects all websites that collect and store personal data of users from the EU. The regulation goes into affect on May 25th 2018. It was drafted to help citizens of EU countries, control and protect their person data.


Meet the new Boss, not the same as the old Boss

The Who sang that they won’t get fooled again. That was almost 50 years ago. A lot has changed since then. You’re the new Boss. And you’re not the same as the old Boss. You’re not stuck in the past. You’re not dressing up just to get dressed down at a board meeting. You’re agile,

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