VisibleMagic Podcast EP10 – Creating an AI Influencer Using RenderNet

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VisibleMagic Podcast EP10 Introduction to RenderNet

In Episode 10 of the VisibleMagic Podcast, we’ve hit a significant milestone. It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far – but here we are, ten episodes deep, and the journey’s just getting more exciting.

Let’s focus today on browser-based AI products. There’s a bunch of these popping up every week, and while many seem derivative, some are crafting truly special tools. We decided to dive into one such tool, RenderNet, and experiment with creating our very own virtual character.

Introduction to RenderNet

RenderNet is a wrapper around the Stable Diffusion neural network. It allows users to play with text-to-image models through a browser, rendering images on remote GPUs. Our goal? To craft an image of a 25-year-old influencer in various settings. The specificity of our prompt is crucial in shaping the final image. Every detail added, from her attire to her location, played a significant role in bringing our AI influencer to life.

RenderNet Example
Initial Result from RenderNet Based on Our Prompt

Understanding Prompt Engineering and Its Role in AI Models

Despite how powerful (or limited) modern models are, you need to remember the importance of human curation in AI. It’s not just about feeding information into a model; it’s about directing it to achieve the vision you have in mind. This process, known as prompt engineering, is becoming a vital skill in the AI world.

Stable Diffusion models (and RenderNet) allows us to tweak various aspects of the generated image. We can preserve a face of the Influencer, and direct which poses to use for a scene. Just in 5 minutes we can send our Influencer to different locations in the world.

To take a photo session in a desert near Dubai:


RenderNet result - photo session in a desert near Dubai
Second Result from RenderNet: Photo Session in a Desert Near Dubai

Or directly in the vibrant city of Dubai, set against the towering silhouette of its iconic skyscrapers, we tested the AI’s capabilities.

The outcomes were varied: some images perfectly captured the essence of the scene, embodying the look we aimed for, while others fell short of expectations.

This experiment served as a clear reminder of the current state of AI technology.

While it possesses impressive power and potential, it still heavily relies on human oversight and direction to produce results that accurately capture specific, nuanced details and meet precise requirements.


Third RenderNet Result: Dubai City Photo Session
Third Outcome from RenderNet: Photoshoot in Dubai City Framed by its Iconic Skyscrapers

Web Visions: Beyond AI Experiments

This episode wasn’t just about playing with AI; it was about understanding its capabilities and limitations. We plan to evolve our influencer, adding video models and AI-generated communication. And we’re excited to explore the intersection of creativity and technology!

But Web Visions isn’t just about AI experiments. We’re gearing up to hit the conference circuit, from ETH Denver to South by Southwest. It’s a chance for us to connect with fellow builders and creative coders, to share ideas and find new inspiration.

So, Episode 10 is a wrap, but it’s just the beginning of a new chapter.

We’re stepping up our game, ready to bring more insights, more experiments, and more groundbreaking ideas to you. Stay tuned, subscribe, and join us on this incredible journey into the world of AI and beyond.



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