Metaverse’s Haute Couture Gala: Where Pixels Meet Pizzazz!


The digital runway’s heating up! Decentraland’s local fashion maestros are joining hands (and pixels) with bigwigs like Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, COACH, and adidas, amongst others, to unfurl the latest in digital glam at the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. This year is all about the bling of Web3, the shimmer of blockchain, and the dazzle of NFTs.


Hold onto your VR headsets, fashionistas! We’re just a fortnight away from Decentraland’s glittery Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). From March 28-31, get set to be transported into a universe where fashion breaks all digital barriers. This year’s sizzling spectacle, co-piloted by Decentraland and UNXD, with sidekicks Spatial and OVER metaverses, is all about blurring the lines between digital and fabric. Get ready for a style explosion that’ll span galaxies!

MVFW23: Where Legacy Meets The Laser Lights

Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, our fabulous ringleader of Metaverse Fashion Week at the Decentraland Foundation, couldn’t contain her pixelated excitement: “This year’s MVFW is like a digital couture melting pot. From legendary fashion dynasties to the fresh, digital-native talents, it’s exhilarating to see the masters of drapes plunge into the digital deep end!” As the countdown begins, one thing’s crystal-clear: the world of high-fashion’s donning its virtual best.


Under the spotlight titled “Future Heritage”, MVFW23 is all about that electric tango between digital newcomers and the age-old fashion aristocrats. It’s where the silks and sequins of yesteryear dance with the digital designs of tomorrow.

A Glimpse Behind The Neon Curtains

Strutting across multiple digital dimensions, Decentraland’s Luxury District, crafted by the Metaverse Group, is the heart and soul of this digital extravaganza. Here’s a little teaser for what’s in store:


  • Dolce & Gabbana turns talent scout with their Future Reward contest, putting the winners in the limelight and sprinkling in some fresh, co-branded digital wearable magic.
  • Tommy Hilfiger takes things up a notch with daily digital drops, AI’s fashion flair, some unexpected team-ups, and a contest with Mr. Hilfiger playing judge!
  • Miami Fashion Week steps into the digital age, hosting everything from panel discussions to glitzy runways in their pixel paradise, L’Atelier in Decentraland.
  • DUNDAS partners with DressX and UME, bringing the best of Paris Fashion Week and unveiling a stunning range of digital wearables.
  • Amorepacific unveils their “New Beauty Land”, a pixel replica of their home base in Seoul.
  • Ben Bridge opens its treasure trove in the metaverse, offering a quest packed with wearables and some in-store perks.

And DKNY? They’re serving up an artsy feast with DKNY.3 – an art nook, a pizzeria, and a place to chill. Plus, their iconic SoHo wall gets a digital spin, thanks to an MVFW neo-designer’s magic touch.


Gear up, digital divas and dudes! The Metaverse is about to witness its most glamorous gala yet!

Behind the Digital Veil: Show-stoppers and Game-changers

Fashion virtuosos, tech titans, and community-crafted marvels promise to spellbind throughout the MVFW23 landscape. Here’s what the pixels hint at:


  • Tribute in Technicolor: Vuelta celebrates the punk princess, Vivienne Westwood, with an all-encompassing tribute titled “Dear Vivienne.”
  • adidas Unplugged: Dive into adidas’ realm featuring their trailblazing ‘adidas virtual gear’, marking the sportswear giant’s maiden voyage into the digital-only wardrobe.
  • COACH’s Creative Coalition: In synergy with Web3 prodigies, COACH crafts a mesmerizing digital escapade, while Alo stirs tranquility with metaverse meditation and yoga.
  • Party in Pixels: Diesel and HAPE are rolling out the digital red carpet for an all-out virtual gala, dotted with wearable NFT surprises.
  • Kraken’s Kaleidoscope: The platform is back with its infinite NFT fashion gallery, spotlighting avant-garde avatars and digital personas.
  • Vegas Meets Vintage: Vegas City and Perry Ellis unite, unveiling a Wearables gallery that’s truly next-gen.
  • Clarks’ Carnival: The ‘Clarks Arcade’ promises rollercoasters of style and a pulsating rooftop revelry.
  • Inter-metaverse Innovation: OVER joins hands with Decentraland for a Wearable design showdown, climaxing in a Milanese mixed-reality runway.
  • The Sound of Style: Dragon City opens its doors to maestro Alastair White, blending fashion and symphony in the Metaverse Opera House.
  • Virtual Voyages: The Museum District mirrors Buenos Aires’ iconic Colon Theater, while MetaTokyo salutes designers drawing from the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • Cash Labs Canvas: Showcasing masterpieces from Nick Knight/SHOWstudio and The Wall Group, the gallery also bridges worlds with Vogue Singapore and Artisant.

The Digital Couturiers & Collaborators

At MVFW23, there’s a resounding celebration of the Decentraland community’s innovative spirit, which intertwines seamlessly with the best of digital couture. DRESSX is embracing drama, inviting the 3D fashion maestros, Blade Runway and Injury, into its digital dominion while also unveiling two unique Wearables. Meanwhile, Phygicode is showcasing its finesse with the “Phygicode Dress”, a venture that reimagines an iconic dress in partnership with the famed designer and Phygicode member, Rubin Singer.


Further enriching the scene, The Fabricant is introducing two community creators to MVFW and is all set to launch the brand’s maiden custom Emote in homage to their WHOLELAND collection. This intermingling of tradition and digital innovation sees the FASHION FUTURE AWARDS shedding light on the vanguard of China’s fashion and creative sectors.


Altr is taking a global stride, illustrating ten diverse cultures through its “Digital Meets Culture” initiative. While advocacy remains at the heart of The Institute of Digital Fashion, it’s launching the Wearable “IoDF Emblem of Change” to spotlight the rampant unsustainable consumption in the physical fashion space.


House of Web3 from Metagolden stands out as a beacon of communal creativity, blending physical and digital realms, and Meta Fashion House captivates with the 3DMetaDress, a tactile 3D printed couture piece echoing the names of leading women in web3 and STEM. As Vogue Singapore prepares to reveal its digital fashion contest victors, House of Barth’s Winston Bartholomew Holder III, the prodigious winner of HBO’s The Hype Season 2, unfurls a collection symbolizing the diverse personas one dons daily.

Runways, Revelry, and Rivalries

As the digital d-day inches closer, the anticipation is palpable. MVFW23 is not just an event; it’s a movement, an experience, a revolution. From avant-garde alliances to runway rampages and Emote duels, it’s where style icons, fashion aficionados, and digital dreamers converge. If you’re itching to leave a mark on the metaverse’s mosaic or just take a front-row seat, MVFW23 is where the future of fashion unfolds



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