Audit Site Content Using your SEO Plugin

This week we’re going to continue to look at SEO for our WordPress website. We will learn why we should audit site content using your SEO plugin.

Now we’re actually going to look at the content on our website and start using that SEO tool we installed to really get down and hone up in our content for good quality. If you’re using the Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll notice right on the dashboard of your website, the dashboard is the first page you see after logging in, there’s a Yoast SEO post overview.

This gives you an idea of how your content is in your post-section of your website. It doesn’t analyze the pages but it does look at posts. So if you’re using your blog section for news or other things, it’s going to help you, right on the dashboard, figure out what’s going on there. You’ll see a little, colored graph; there are potentially four colors that you could see, on mine I currently see three.

On mine, I’ll see post within okay SEO score, those are orange. Post with good SEO score, that’ green. And post without a focus keyword, that’s grayed out or just gray. What this means is that I probably I should go look at the post with okay SEO score and without a focus keyword. The first thing that I’ll probably do I currently have five posts without a keyword, so I would go click on that, and then I would look at those posts and it pulls us up in the normal post editing. I can go inside and view a post for example and then I would go set a keyword for each one of these posts and then look to see how that’s performing.

I can see that when I’m looking at this post, Yoast does identify problems that I need to go correct. So, I would go through methodically analyzing each one of these posts. I’ve currently have five, that’s not so bad. I’ve analyzed each of these posts look at what I need to correct and keep going from there.

Now, if you want to do the same thing for pages, unfortunately, you’d have to visit each page. So, typically, your website has fewer pages than it does post, so it’s not a big deal but it still needs to be done. So, you’ll see that on the pages if you go to your pages section in your website, there is a column, all the way to the right, it shows you the same-colored dots. So you have a red dot, an orange dot, a grayed out dot and a green dot. Again, you’d want to visit all the red, oranges, and your grayed out dots and figure out what you need to do.

Yes I know it’s a lot of work it has to be done. But if you want to score good in the rankings, this is what you have to do. So I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

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