Plans By Facebook to Create AR Glasses and Gloves Create Privacy Concerns

It is no question that Facebook is set to be a large contender within the technology space for the foreseeable future, but its dubious past in terms of privacy concerns has some people worried. With next-generation technology including AR glasses and haptic gloves in development, it should come as no surprise that some experts are worried about the data it will be capable of attaining.

One of the biggest debates stems from Facebooks plans to create smart glasses, and whether or not they should include facial recognition. Kurt Opsahl, executive director and general counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), described the issue as such: “One of the concerns that has come up time and time again over the years is the possibility that Facebook would use that data for a new purpose that [users] didn’t agree to when they originally gave the information to Facebook,” Quote courtesy of cnet

The future of technology is bright but there are still things to consider about the privacy concerns these systems may bring. For more information, see this insightful article by cnet.

Image from Facebook

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