Meet the new Boss, not the same as the old Boss09 . 04 . 2020

The Who sang that they won’t get fooled again.

That was almost 50 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

You’re the new Boss. And you’re not the same as the old Boss.

You’re not stuck in the past. You’re not dressing up just to get dressed down at a board meeting. You’re agile, you’re nimble, you’re smart.

And you’re under pressure to perform, to create, to innovate. You’ve been told to “look into” blockchain, AI, and ML. You’ve been tasked with the impossible: to meld the old and the new and make it so it “just works.”

Ok, new Boss. What are we going to do about it? How do we check off your biggest action items?

Easy. That’s why we created VisibleMagic.

VisibleMagic is a team of developers, project managers, and thinkers who are dedicated to your cause. We’re your army, your backup, your skilled sidemen and women. You need to go deep on blockchain? We’re already there. You need facial recognition in your security app? We got you. You need trust-less ledgers, serverless systems, self-sovereign identity, and scalable, always-on architecture? We’re ready.

At VisibleMagic we build things for today. For the new Bosses. For the people who want to change things up either in their offices or around the world. We have amazing devs, amazing US-based project managers, and amazing thinkers. Our co-founders include a former TechCrunch journalist, a software architect with experience at Motorola other Fortune 500s, a project and design manager with the chops to build beautiful code, and a team of coders that are on standby with a CTO who has written more code this month than most developers write in a year.

This is VisibleMagic. This is what you’ve been looking for, new Boss.

Let’s talk.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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