What we offer

VisibleMagic offers a number of services including iOS, Android, and Web apps. We also build standalone desktop apps and enterprise.

Our programmers are experts in Golang, Node JS, Python, and Ruby. We are experts in blockchain programming and support Solidity, Parity, and IBM’s Hyperledger. We also work in ReactNative for cross-platform apps.

We’re also have experts in AI and machine learning including TensorFlow, Apache Spark, and CoreNLP. To round things out, we have extensive experience in Amazon AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker.

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Other News


Aws Amplify Flutter released

Amplify Flutter, a powerful set of tools used to build applications powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) was released with the intention of combining AWS Amplify and Flutter in order to create a connected network of the two apps. The modifications to the combined apps include the addition of Amplify Datastore, a programming model for ...


Does Your Startup Need a Physical Office?

With lockdowns still in full swing and remote working as the new norm, for most startups sinking funds into a physical office seems pointless. However, are there more reasons to get an office then meets the eye? With 2020 being such a turbulent year, offices have become virtually extinct, with zoom calls and slack taking ...