Sending newsletters? Here are some tips to help get your emails read

Newsletters can be hard to compose, especially as a new startup with a small following. But by following these strategies on the structure and content of newsletters, your audience interaction rates are sure to go up. Here are some of our personal favorites:

You need to understand what the focus of your newsletter is before you write it. Too often, meaning and message are lost as you sway from the point of the email, and your message is muddied up with conflicting ideas. Rather, you need to understand what the point of that specific email is, and stick with it. Don’t make it a guessing game for your readers to know what you are trying to tell them!

Stay friendly with your readers. You don’t want a monotone tone that bores them, speak to them personally. Greet them beforehand, and keep things personal. You want to greet your reader, not the room.

These were just some of our favorites from’s incredible blog and you should check it out for more tips.

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