$150 Linux Phone in Pre-order Phase


The PINEPHONE – Beta Edition Linux SmartPhone is an affordable, Linux-based device that is set to ship in April 2021. This device is priced at a reasonable $149.99 and is completely open-source. The features of the device match the price tag, coming with 2 GB of ram, a 2,000mAh battery, and a 1440×720 LCD panel screen. It should not be expected that the pinephone would be a powerful device capable of performing performance-intensive tasks, but it is a good entry-level phone for someone interested in full customization and hacking their devices.

That being said, a basic understanding of altering and manipulating devices should be had for any customers of the phone. It is certainly not extremely accessible for the everyday person, as to customize the phone to your liking you need a general understanding of Linux and how to use it to alter the operating system.

For more information about the pinephone and its specifications, we recommend going to its official website, listed here.

Image from pine64.com


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