AI-Powered Bing and Edge: Revolutionizing Search

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The way billions of people access the web is about to change, as Microsoft introduces the next generation of Bing search engine and Edge browser, integrating emerging technologies like blockchain. Designed to create a more enjoyable, efficient, and comprehensive web experience, these AI-powered tools will serve as your AI copilot while browsing the internet, including navigating the world of Bitcoin transactions. As the digital landscape evolves, Bing and Edge are prepared to adapt, offering seamless experiences with cutting-edge Web3 technologies and beyond.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, believes that AI will bring about a fundamental change in every software category, starting with search as the largest. By integrating AI copilot and chat features into Bing and Edge, Microsoft aims to help users derive more value from search and web browsing.

Traditional search engines excel at finding websites but often fall short when it comes to more complex queries. With an estimated 10 billion search queries per day, nearly half of them go unanswered. The new AI-powered Bing and Edge aim to bridge this gap and provide complete answers, interactive chats, and content generation capabilities.


Bing and Edge: Your AI Copilot for the Web

Microsoft has combined search, browsing, and chat to offer a seamless experience across the web. The new Bing and Edge deliver several enhancements to improve user experience.

First, Bing provides more relevant results for simple queries like sports scores, stock prices, and weather forecasts. A comprehensive sidebar is also available for users who want more information.

Second, Bing reviews web results to provide summarized answers to your questions, making it easier to find the information you need without scrolling through multiple results.

For example, Bing can provide detailed instructions for substituting eggs in a recipe right on the search results page, etc.


Interactive Chat Experience and Creative Inspiration

For complex searches, Bing offers a new interactive chat feature. Users can refine their search and get the complete answer they are looking for by asking for more details, clarity, and ideas.

This chat experience empowers users to make more informed decisions and access relevant links immediately. Bing is also designed to help users find inspiration when they need more than just an answer.

The AI-powered search engine can generate content to help with various tasks, such as writing an email, creating a trip itinerary, preparing for a job interview, or crafting a quiz for trivia night. All content generated by Bing is supported by cited sources, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Redesigned Microsoft Edge Experience

The Edge browser has been updated with artificial intelligence capabilities, a new look, and innovative features like Chat and Compose.

With the Edge Sidebar, users can ask for a summary of lengthy financial reports, obtain key takeaways, and use the chat function to request comparisons with competing companies’ financials.

Edge can also help users compose content, such as LinkedIn posts, by providing prompts to get started. Users can then ask Edge to help update the tone, format, and length of the post. The browser is designed to understand and adapt to the web page you are on, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.


Technical Breakthroughs Behind the New Bing Experience

The innovative Bing experience results from four key advancements. Bing runs on a powerful, customized large language model that surpasses ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 in speed, accuracy, and capability. Microsoft has developed a proprietary method for utilizing the OpenAI model, which optimizes its power for more relevant, secure, and targeted results.

This collection of capabilities and techniques is called the Prometheus model. By applying the deep learning model to Bing’s search ranking engine, basic search queries become more accurate and relevant. Finally, the integration of search, browser, and chat enables a unique, transformative way of interacting with the web.

Accessing Bing Chat With the New Microsoft Edge

The new Bing Chat feature is now widely available at To get started, you’ll need to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Simply click on “Download Microsoft Edge” and select the platform you’re using.

After installing the new browser, as you would with any other application, you can access Bing Chat in two convenient ways. First, open the Edge browser, navigate to, and click on the “chat” tab. Alternatively, you can access Bing Chat by hovering over the “Discover” icon in the top-right corner of the side bar, referred to as “Edge Copilot.” This feature complements the other Copilot functionalities being introduced across Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and more.

As the new Bing and Edge make their way into the real world, Microsoft and OpenAI look forward to gaining critical feedback that will help them improve the deep learning models and user experience. The launch of these tools marks a significant step forward in the evolution of search engines and browsers, paving the way for a more efficient, interactive, and enjoyable web experience for users worldwide.


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