Amid Real Life Crisis Virtual NFT Real Estate Is Rising Quick


Tired of the long-standing Real Estate Housing crisis, with debt, mortgage and high rent & purchase prices? 

Well, there’s a whole new world where all real estate is Freshly created daily and UP for grabs easy and cheap, no red tape or headache! We’re talking about the VIRTUAL NFT real estate, of course! 

According to both the Silicon Valley and Wall Street analysts, that offspring of the NFT revolution online has been growing at a tremendous rate. As in a rate of 0 start-ups and $0 capitalization back in 2020 to this year’s list of Top 12 NFT real estate platforms, worth combined $billions in annual Cashflow and Investments. 

As long, of course, as we’re talking about a virtual, personal state of mind kind of a real estate. And just ask Social Media if it has any place to be…


The briefest version of this new NFT fuelled craze goes something like this: 

When back in 2010 the now so popular Bitcoin introduced the blockchain… 


Wait, it’s only a technology allowing for a decentralized exchange of data and transactions between multiple parties keeping privacy and “paying” for you being a “host” to it with your participation… With that this overly-tech explanation packed into 1 very long sentence being over…

So, this revolution started with the Art niche initially, as the “collectibles” market opened, as investors confidence grew, the bottom line for the Decentraland and the likes showed Green and the technology prototype proved itself. Immediately it opened a whole world of applications for it for literally ANY business ever! And long before that happened, it was only a matter of years until this newcomer NFT (or a blockchain based, Web3 ownership system) was created… 

Well, a way for you to own things other than just the cryptocurrency! Is it any good though? Yeah, using smaller words after diving deep into technical explanations… YES!

And it’s not us – it’s what the JP Morgan and Vatican investing millions into NFT after doing the same for crypto and block, say and do… But is it valuable, though? 


Well, as some ask if the NFT Virtual real estate is truly worth anything, others say it is the new Crypto revolution coming.

HERE’S A WORTH BY THE PLATFORM (for you to see the true value of a few of 100s start-ups in the industry):

– Decentraland – $130 Million in DAILY trading value 

– Magic Eden – $1.6 Billion 

– AnRKeyX – in hundreds of millions of investments 

And we remember how that went down – with the earliest adepts to it making millions as they capitalized on being the first ones to enter…

Well, you have any more questions on whether you might need to grab a piece of it for yourself?

This actually means that gamers left aside with their “virtual land” or a “collectible item” in the game – INVESTORS step in!

And step in strong they do, as exemplified by the very Metaverse – or a whole virtual world being built by Meta, Facebook & Instagram’s parent company. 

And when there’s such big offer it means there is a big demand. And it is only on the rise, in its infancy, so to speak… 


The surprising answer for many who haven’t been following this trend is…NO!

And a resounding no, as not only gamers are part of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, right?

Why social media? Well, in a way, aside from the actual physical property tied up to tokens, the NFT Virtual Real estate is all about the PERSONAL SPACE, just like Socials. 

And the fight is on! Just like when the mammoths of the “old” web 2.0 rise back in the 2007’s rivalled whether MySpace, Facebook or LastFM become a new “online personal page” of choice.

So, why not express yourself in an even more modern, digital and progressive world? That is the question you might need to think about, along with hundreds of millions that the COVID “forced” to get much more familiar with technology and the Web 3.0 that is here…

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