Aptos Will Make NFTs Even More Scalable


With its meteoric rise on the market in the past few years, the question of both the financial and technological scalability for the NFTs rises. 

This means that the plethora of Big name and smaller investors and companies did ask the market for this upscale strategy and they finally got it.

This issue has been tackled by a newly introduced blockchain coin solution, Aptos, as it launched its mainnet this week to a significant buzz around its token airdrop to early users. Worth saying though, that also questions about whether the network—which has accumulated $350 million in VC funding—can live up to the hype about its scalability. 

The blockchain’s real serious stress test is incoming real soon, however, as a rush of NFT projects prepare to launch on the network. NFT trading has in the past put the Ethereum and Solana networks under considerable stress, so how will Aptos hold up if demand for its NFTs matches the buzz?

The Aptos launch came with some grand expectations from investors, in part due to the ample VC funding and also its origins from Facebook’s scrapped Diem initiative. But some of the buzz also came from claims that Aptos can scale to handle dramatically more transactions than any current layer-1 blockchain—over 160,000 transactions per second (TPS).

But if Aptos really can manage to prove it can deal with such big technical promises, we haven’t seen evidence of it yet on mainnet. When it first surfaced on Monday, Aptos was only processing a few transactions per second. As of today, the figure is hovering around 10 TPS.

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