BREAKING NEWS Meta Adds Ethereum, Polygon,Flow NFT Cross-Posting Between Facebook and Instagram – METAVERSE ADDS NFT NEWS

BREAKING NEWS Meta Adds Ethereum, Polygon,Flow NFT Cross-Posting Between Facebook and Instagram

When a company as big as Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, says a new market is ripe, people listen. METAVERSE ADDS NFT NEWS matters.

When Meta announced back in 2021 they would be pumping money and effort into a metaverse-based project called Horizon Worlds, tech and investment gurus took notice. Recently, the company had even more big news — that it would be integrating niw NFT seamlessly into its platform. This is another huge step Meta has taken to “marry” its version of the metaverse with NFTs.

Web3 unified, IoT omitted are arguably the two biggest new trends these days, so when news like this pops up, people take notice. Let’s dissect exactly what this means for you and your business.


If you haven’t heard of either Facebook or Instagram, you must’ve been living under a rock. Now, the parent company of these two major social media platforms have announced they will allow for Ethereum, Polygon and Flow NFT Cross-Posting between Facebook and Instagram.

This opens a whole bunch of new doors for both crypto and NFT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the ease of blockchain technology, the NFT community has quickly expanded in the past couple years. The community as a whole has expanded beyond the pioneering art niche and now delves into multiple business niches and industries.

NFT fans and newcomers now can make easy crypto payments, as well as buy and exchange new NFT collectibles or options. In addition, NFTpros now can provide all of these new services to an ever-growing community of hungry fans! 


Pretty much every tech giant from The Boring Company to Google, Apple and everyone in between is in the NFT and crypto market now, so it would be no shock for investors to flock to Meta with this new announcement.

The more important question will be just how many people are going to participate. The exact growth curve can be sometimes difficult to predict, but saying there is daily growth would be a big understatement.

With the example of a more conventional business typically taking years to expand and get the cashflow right, NFTs are in the business of making hundreds of millions of live transactions daily. Go figure why the Internet sales with their 1-click action took over so quick over global commerce — with a little help from the COVID-19 pandemic making people go more digital.


You won’t be judged too harshly if you thought that NFTs or crypto is only for geeks and tech-equipped people. Far from it. 

Love art? NFT offers millions of art collectibles, and the nature of being called a “collectible” implies it grows in value over time, just like paintings. It’s good both for the fans and investors. 

Play a bunch of games? Well, it’s your lucky day, too, as NFTs are all about selling virtual property or in-game items, which means Facebook (and Insta) strongly believes in this trend. Again, these collectibles are good both for the fans and investors. 

Crypto is so huge now that hopefully you know just how many people own this “possible next currency of Earth,” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk says.

So, this news is a huge confidence booster for any business or investor that now knows this NFT trend. It’s here to stay and it’s growing bigger by the day! 

We also know a thing or two about creating web3 solutions, and boy was our team excited when learning about this new social media integration and the wonders we can do within it! 

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