Despite Ftx Crash Experts Safe NFT Is Rising Steady


As far as the latest breaking news in the digital world of business and money – making short term moves after FTX was questionable.

The FTS company crashed itself and some of the crypto coins with it for short term until it rebounds. BUT is NFT the same though? 

Experts say no.

We will discuss in detail how the (NFT) protocol was affected by the FTX collapse leading to layoffs. Despite the effects of the FTX collapse, industry players within the NFT space are still confident in the recovery of NFTs. Stil, Disney taken back metaverse-backer Bob Iger as its CEO, and check out how NFTs have captured main stage at Formula 1. And, don’t forget this week’s Nifty News featuring China-based IT companies offering FIFA World Cup fans a huge NFT boost of a viewing experience of the soccer event. 

Surely some of the NFT youngest investments might take it slightly slower, waiting for an upcoming 2023 crypto rebound. 

Hess also highlighted that Metaplex is the base layer of the Solana NFT ecosystem. The NFT executive mentioned that it’s their responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the protocol for its community.

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