EOS Blockchain Elevates 2023 with a Promising New Chapter in Decentralized Communication

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EOS blockchain

During the early days of the internet, decentralized platforms like bulletin board services (BBS) were all the rage. These networks were designed to allow users to share information and engage in discussions without any centralized authority. However, the rise of social media caused these distributed systems to lose their popularity and take a backseat to centralized platforms. The BBS Network is now hoping to change that by leveraging the power of the EOS blockchain. By adopting a modern approach, the BBS Network aims to revive the concept of user-generated bulletin boards, which are content-agnostic and entirely decentralized.

This move to decentralization could be an essential part of the shift towards Web3, where the power of the internet is distributed more evenly among its users. With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence, this trend could see a further boost. By utilizing the EOS blockchain, BBS Network enables individuals to launch their own decentralized message boards with speed, cost-efficiency, and the widespread adoption of EOS. This kind of approach could also pave the way for innovative applications of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The BBS Network draws inspiration from the BBS servers of the 1980s and 90s, both in name and function. By replicating these servers on the EOS blockchain, the project seeks to return control to users and foster a sense of community. As a result, the BBS Network has the potential to disrupt the current landscape of curated social spaces, where information stewards tightly control the content people can access.

EOS Blockchain

A welcome screen for the Free-net bulletin board, from 1994

Why EOS Blockchain: Speed, Cost, and Liquidity

The BBS Network chose the EOS blockchain due to its impressive features, including speed, cost-efficiency, and widespread adoption. With its fast block time of just half a second, EOS enables a user experience nearly indistinguishable from traditional databases, reducing user churn due to slow UX. This seamless experience allows the BBS network to compete effectively with Web 2.0 platforms.

EOS’s low transaction fees also make it ideal for deploying smart contracts. While other blockchain ecosystems may charge thousands of dollars for contract deployment, EOS offers deployment costs as low as hundredths of a cent. This dramatic cost gap allows the BBS Network to provide both front-end abstraction and back-end decentralization without relying on second-layer blockchains. In addition, EOS’s high liquidity and global adoption make it easy for users to convert BBS tokens to cash with minimal fees and price slippage.

Creating Your Decentralized Bulletin Board on BBS Network

The BBS Network empowers content creators to establish and manage their online communities by creating bulletin boards using a boilerplate smart contract published on the EOS blockchain. This unique approach allows individuals to boot up blockchain bulletin servers using a standardized protocol that remains agnostic to content. As a result, creators have the freedom to design their boards to cater to any topic or audience.

These boards connect to the larger BBS network, which boasts 35k active users per month. By linking to the broader community, individual boards benefit from increased visibility and engagement. Moreover, the BBS network’s decentralized model ensures that creators maintain control over their content and user interactions, unlike centralized platforms that often censor or manipulate content based on marketability or advertiser preferences.

Popular Boards and Engagement on BBS Network

The BBS Network hosts a variety of popular boards covering diverse topics, such as TV talk, cricket talk, Ukraine news, Star Wars theory, and Covid Roundtable, among others. These boards generate substantial engagement, with users participating in discussions, sharing content, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Users can track statistics and leaderboards on the BBS Network’s website, providing insights into the most active and engaging boards on the platform.

EOS Blockchain

BBS Network: Empowering Communities with Decentralized Message Boards on EOS Blockchain

The BBS Network is an innovative platform that empowers users to create and manage decentralized message boards for their communities. By leveraging the many features and benefits of the EOS blockchain, the BBS Network provides a powerful alternative to large, corporate-controlled platforms, which often present a single point of failure and the potential for information distortion. Decentralization is key to creating a more resilient and open environment for communication and idea-sharing.

The BBS Network offers the following advantages:

  • As a decentralized bulletin board service, BBS enables users to create and participate in community-driven message boards, similar to Reddit.
  • The BBS Network capitalizes on the EOS blockchain’s transaction speed, providing a user experience comparable to traditional software platforms.
  • EOS allows BBS to deploy bulletin board smart contracts at a significantly lower cost compared to other decentralized platforms, effectively abstracting the blockchain for end-users.
  • Thanks to the widespread adoption and high liquidity of EOS, users can easily swap BBS tokens for EOS and cash out in their preferred currency.

Throughout history, those in power have often sought to restrict the dissemination of information that challenges their authority. While the internet has expanded the potential reach of ideas, it has also amplified the control and surveillance capabilities of powerful entities. Open protocols like the BBS Network, which utilizes the EOS Network, serve as vital tools in the fight against this dynamic, enabling a more equitable distribution of power and information.

We hope this overview has provided valuable insights into how the BBS Network leverages the EOS blockchain to deliver a seamless, low-cost blockchain experience for its users.

The BBS Network is just one example of the many innovative projects utilizing the Antelope protocol and EOS blockchain to push the boundaries of Web3 technology. To learn more about these initiatives and the EOS ecosystem, visit EOSNetwork.com


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