Ethereum Merge Makes Crypto One of Greenest Friendly Businesses


Remember how just a few days ago the White House urged the Crypto and NFT industries to join the Green Revolution? Well, now ETHEREUM MERGE MAKES CRYPTO ONE OF GREENEST FRIENDLY BUSINESSES.

Well, apparently one of the biggest Coins on the market – Ethereum has had a project in works to achieve exactly that for a long, long time. 

Meet the world’s 2nd biggest Coin Ethereum: 

  • Price: $1,697
  • Market cap: $208 billion

Not only have they been listening, but apparently the new Minting and Mining (basically network procurement and transaction enhancing) Technology they developed will be 99.9 % Greener than the one they’ve been using before. 

Talk about some commitment to hit that impossible 100% mark! 

This piece of crypto news comes in especially relevant. Not only because of the White House, but worldwide call outs of the Crypto. For years specialists pointed out to the immense computing power (hence energy and emissions) needed for the Coins to work (let alone graphic cards market deficit it caused some time ago)…

And Ethereum listened. 

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin says The Merge has been part of the plan for Ethereum way back in its upstart days of 2014 but has had to be postponed a lot. All because of its technical complexity. The task has been compared with rebuilding the foundations of a skyscraper while it remains standing. Why is that, you ask? The Ethereum blockchain supports not only the Ethereum currency but also hundreds of millions of dollars’ value of other coins and crypto products like NFTs – aka the next crypto as the Ethereum merge makes Crypto one of the greenest friendly businesses.

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