Game Publishing Giant Hacked With Computer Cookie


Recently, the video game publishing giant Electronic Arts had its source code for multiple of its biggest and most important projects stolen by a group of hackers. Here’s how they did it, and why you should be warier about what information you leave online.

The process began with the hackers purchasing a stolen cookie online, which supposedly contained login details that allowed them to log in to EA’s slack. After getting into the slack, they got access to EA’s corporate network by asking for a multifactor authentication token from EA IT support, which they received, twice.

Then, the hackers logged into the service for EA’s developers for compiling games and created a virtual machine to give them further access to the network. They then downloaded multiple games’ source code through another, connected service, giving them free access to a multitude of industry secrets regarding Playstation Vr, Ai, as well as EA’s signature game engines and programs within the files.

To put it simply, it is important to pay attention and minimize you and your companies digital footprint, since you never know when somebody may be trying to break in.

For more information about the breach, see this article by Vice

Photo by Md Mahdi on Unsplash


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