How COVID Made Gen Z, Gen Millennials & Office Workers a Bunch of Gamers / Crypto & NFT Fans


Well, to say that the past 2 to 3 years have been a rollercoaster ride of crises we haven’t seen alike since the WW2 end is an understatement of a century.

Forget the climate change and student loan debt, BLM to monkey pox, Ukraine to Taiwan, and, of course, the main enemy – COVID… So much happened in 2020-2022! 

But just like an old song goes, let’s “look at the bright side of life”. Namely, that little beautiful silver lining that actually keeps us going – what we, as humans GAINED from COVID and the isolation. And we’re talking both hard and soft skills, knowledge to familiarity – and with all the REMOTE WORK crazy it spawned – clearly a much BETTER and DEEPER tech understanding.


And it’s not only the kids as in the GEN Z taking ZOOM video classes and recording idle footage to skip, who learned about tech. They’re already tech natives.

It’s all the older demographics, you know, from the tail end of all the Millennials (late 20s, early 30s) people to Generation X (their parents in the 40s and 50s) and Boomers.

And altogether, being stuck without comms with the world and WORK other than the Internet during lockdowns, these people learned a lot. 

So basically things Internet and Digital, including Gaming and more so Crypto and Blockchain gained MILLIONS of new followers. And those newcomers comprise the bulk of the US and World’s workforce, meaning financial estate and contribution to the GDP (consumers and businesses).

And as we all know – any business stands to expand. The most typically challenging thing about expansion? Finding the new market or audience, making sure NEW customers come into your lot daily. Now with hundreds of millions of new digital customers arriving, the web3 world of Crypto, NFT and blockchain is poised to grow exponentially. 


So how do all of these NEW consumers and BUSINESSES benefit now from this new knowledge? 

Well, it really depends on whether you fall into one of the categories or industries that EARN and accumulate MILLIONS and BILLIONS now from the Web3. 

  • – Finances
  • – Tech
  • – Gaming
  • – Real estate 
  • – Art
  • – Consulting 

I mean, it is clear and precise that the list above is absolutely NOT a list of ONLY industries that will participate. 

In fact, just like no Joe, age 55 would know before Covid that he’d be bored during a lockdown in his own house enough to play Video games for the first time, or use Ebay or Snapchat, so does YOUR BUSINESS – be it about a crochet, knitting, selling hot cakes or sex toys – – how exactly can a blockchain or NFT marketplace play out for you. 

I mean we know – it will play out great, as ANY business can sell on it, just like when brick and mortar doubted back in 2006 “are people gonna buy and order services online?”

They did and they will. 


I hear you. Simply put, it’s just like the social media boom dawn back in 2007-2012 changed the world forever and streamlined life and business bringing NEW MONEY.

Dubbed the Web 2.0 revolution.

Well now the Crypto heralding the way with Bitcoin worth $35, 000 a piece, $1 trillion capitalized and its Blockchain SAFE technology and the NFT market are the new revolution.

Hence dubbed the Web 3.0 or Web3. Service businesses just like yours can benefit greatly from it!

How? Well, given that the blockchain technology is exactly meant to get rid of intermediaries like the Banks in the FinTech, or art galleries or sellers in the Art, the idea is simple.

You basically incentivize Digitization to the max. Just like we said, the COVID lockdown forced so many people to now BUY ONLINE, that your business needs to SELL ONLINE now. 

Simple as that. And the projections of growth are truly unmetered. 

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