How NFT Art Collectible Biz Enters Hollywood Now

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As just earlier this year people have been criticizing the “craze” around the NFT collectibles as just that – a new fad for the Art niche… 

Well, fast forward just a few months. And now a $41 billion market value AS OF NOW assessment, Startbucks to Ford to LG and Facebook integrating NFT and dozens of start-ups later – and DOODLE enters Hollywood. 

That’s right. The company that had such humble beginnings in that exact NFT art niche it all started in now went public. $700 million capitalization and all. And with huge ambitious plans to now become an Entertainment company overall. Covering Music to Movies production and promotion and so on. Holy Hollywood. 

Experts across industries and especially the Tech gurus and Wall Street moguls agree. As all this resembles the success story of the Bitcoin and crypto all too well. 

Doodles counts NFT influencers and celebrities including Pranksy and DJ Steve Aoki as part of their community. (Ohanian himself owns “quite a few” that he says remind him of his five-year-old daughter, Olympia.) Pharrell Williams came on board as the company’s chief brand officer in June. And 776 recently announced it managed to close out a $54.5 million raise. Meaning it is bringing Doodles to a $700 million valuation. Not too shabby for an NFT project in a bear market.

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