How You Can Beta Test Windows 11

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Microsoft’s new computer operating system Windows 11 is just around the corner, with the final version beginning to roll out on the 5th of October. However, you may be able to upgrade to Windows 11 right now, using Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. Here’s how you can check if you can test the new OS, right now. 

First, check if your device is compatible with Windows 11, using the Microsoft PC Health App, which you can download here. (Link from The Verge) If your PC is supported, you’ll have to register as a Windows Insider here. After that, on your computer, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program. Click “Get Started”, and link the account you signed up to be a Windows Insider with. When prompted with Insider Settings, click the “Release Preview” Ring. Once you’ve read and accepted the terms of service, restart your computer. From there, when you navigate to the Settings > Update and Security menu, you’ll see a new banner to update your PC to Windows 11. Once you’ve clicked that, and followed the instructions, you’ll be upgraded to Windows 11 Early. 

After you’ve downloaded the OS, navigate to Settings > Windows Update, and select “Stop getting preview builds”. This will stop Windows from updating to other preview builds, leaving you on the final build. 

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