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IguVerse belongs to the trending Play2Earn projects that are attracting more and more Internet users these days. With the rise of NFT games, many bloggers and blockchain influencers have been promoting platforms like STEPN and Amazy sneakers as a way to earn money online. However, as it’s become clear, there are many fraudulent projects in this space. Is IguVerse different? In this article, the we will take a closer look at the IguVerse app and explain how to play and make money with NFT pets.

Table of Contents

  1. Exploring the IguVerse App: An Overview
  2. How to Earn With IguVerse App?
  3. Unlocking Energy and Earning IGUP Tokens in the IguVerse App
  4. IguVerse App: How to Withdraw Money?
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of the IguVerse App
  6. IguVerse App: The Rising Star of the Crypto Sphere in 2023

Exploring the IguVerse App: An Overview

IguVerse is a Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn application where a user can earn cryptocurrency. The principle of the game is to create an NFT pet and earn IGUP tokens. The user performs daily tasks for which they can earn energy. With earned energy, the user can earn IGUP tokens and sustain the life of the NFT pet. Each pet has its own characteristics, including age and profitability

To start playing IguVerse, you need to create an NFT pet, add social media and a wallet for deposit and withdrawal of funds. The pet can be created using neural networks or you can add your own. When choosing the first option, the user will be offered to generate a pet based on several specific settings. When choosing the second option, the user needs to add a photo of their pet and sign its name. Regardless of the user’s choice, the game starts at level 1.


The following factors depend on the NFT pet’s level:

  • Amount of tokens that can be earned per day;
  • Amount of tokens spent on maintaining the pet’s health;
  • Duration of unlocking achievements and locked tokens.

Once the NFT pet reaches its maximum lifespan, it stops generating profit. Therefore, the user is offered to restore it for 90% of its cost or upgrade it for 70%. After the upgrade, the pet’s income can only be increased by 50% of its current characteristics.

How to Register in IguVerse App?

The free IguVerse app is available on both Android and iOS. It’s worth mentioning that you can start earning in the game without any investment, but you need to donate in order to get additional features and bonuses.

You can register in the app using:

  • Apple ID;
  • Google account;
  • Facebook account;
  • Email address.

Immediately after registration, the user is offered to create a cryptocurrency wallet within the app itself. This is a decentralized wallet that does not belong to any organization, cannot be hacked, and the keys to it are only in the hands of the owner.

The next stage is creating a pet and choosing a name. In IguVerse, you can create an NFT pet using neural networks or with a photo of a real pet. The higher your rank, the more profit NFT will bring. The game has 12 ranks: the starting one is “Free” and the highest is “Diamond”. After choosing, you will need to confirm “Creation” and “Payment” for your pet.


In the game, there are two ways to earn money:

  • In-game method: It involves completing daily tasks and leveling up your pet. The more expensive the NFT pet, the more tokens the user earns. One account can create or buy up to 30 NFT pets. Users note that you can earn from 50% to 90% of pure profit per month taking into account the commissions.
  • Affiliate program: The user registers through your referral link and you receive 1-2% of the daily income from the referrals’ completed tasks.

Also, users are given in-game bonuses for registering through the referral link.

How to Earn With IguVerse App?

There are four ways to earn in IguVerse. The ways are based on completing daily tasks that earn the user in-game tokens, IGUP. According to CoinMarketCap, the current value of the IGUP token is $0.01669 and the current ranking is #2959.”

iguverse price

The tasks are updated every 24 hours, so the time to complete them is limited. To start playing, you need to link your account to one of three social networks: Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. It’s important that you have access to the account, as tasks will be performed from it.

Developers note that the app works best with Instagram. In the game, you need to complete 4 types of tasks daily:

  • Share Your Pet: for the first daily task, you need to set up a sticker called Pet ID and attach it over the stories. After you publish the content, you need to confirm the action in the app;
  • Find Other Pets: it involves going to another IguVerse user through the selected social network, finding the Pet ID, and entering it into the app;
  • Walk Your Pets: the task is like a fitness tracker. 15 minutes are given to complete it. During this time, you need to go for a walk with an NFT pet and walk 1 km. For this quest, you need to allow “Geolocation Tracking” in the settings;
  • Feed Your Pets: it’s an arcade mini-game where you need to jump over cacti to feed the Iguana. The task is considered 100% completed if the user completes all the levels of the mini-game.

Walk Your Pets in the IguVerse app

In order for task progress to be counted, it is necessary:

  • Not to exit the game;
  • To close other applications;
  • To ensure stable internet connection;
  • To monitor the indicators to confirm that the task is completed.

Unlocking Energy and Earning IGUP Tokens in the IguVerse App

In the IguVerse app, completing tasks earns users energy which then gets converted into virtual IGUP tokens at the end of each day. To turn tokens into IGUP, users must earn a minimum of 60 energy points daily, or half of their unused energy will be lost and half will be carried over to the next day. A higher NFT rank allows users to receive a higher daily energy allocation.

IguVerse App: How to Withdraw Money?

To withdraw funds from IguVerse, go to the “Wallet” tab and click the “Withdraw” button. Select the currency you want to withdraw funds in, fill out the “Address” and “Amount” fields, and press the “Confirm Transaction” button. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

IguVerse app offers withdrawal in 4 different currencies:

  • BNB
  • IGU
  • IGUP
  • BUSD

IguVerse supports animal protection funds and allocates funds for charity. Each user can donate from 1% to 100% of their tokens at their discretion.
To set the percentage you donate to charity, go to the special section. At the moment, there are two funds available for donation:

  • Iguana Foundation
  • UAnimals

The developers note that they are in communication with many animal protection funds, and the list will be expanded soon.

iguverse app

IguVerse’s Referral Program

One of the ways to earn passive income and bonuses in the IguVerse app is through the referral system. If a user signs up using a referral link, you can earn up to 2% of daily rewards. If your friends invite others, you’ll receive 1% of the rewards from the new players. However, the link is two-tiered. To invite users, you need to copy the link or code in the app. The link can be placed on any website. Users who click on the link will automatically download the app and become your referrals. To receive rewards, it’s important to earn more than 60 energy points daily. For each referred user, you will receive a daily bonus to your reward of 1% to 10%.

Tasks in the IguVerse app

Pros and Cons of The IguVerse App


  • IguVerse leads in growth of registrations among GameFi projects
  • High profitability in the app
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Earn more with the affiliate program
  • Start earning without investment
  • No minimum limit for withdrawals
  • The project is constantly developing with new features added


  • Rapid growth leads to heightened competition
  • Daily tasks and pet care monitoring needed
  • A task involves daily spamming in the Pet ID social network
  • Simple arcade mini-game, daily reward for feeding the pet

IguVerse App: The Rising Star of the Crypto Sphere in 2023

The IguVerse app is an innovative platform that offers users the opportunity to earn through daily tasks and by keeping up with updates. With its growing popularity and support from influencers, the IGUP token rating continues to increase, and the developers are continuously adding new features. However, it’s important to note that earning in the cryptocurrency world always involves risk, and there are no guarantees.

In 2023, the IguVerse app continues to thrive, attracting more and more users with its unique earning opportunities. Despite the rapid growth of the project and the improving IGUP token rating, it’s crucial for users to understand that earning in the crypto sphere comes with risks and no guarantees. As the app continues to develop, users should stay vigilant and keep up with updates to make the most of their earnings.


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