Is Ai-written Code the Future?


Does AI-developed code have a future? Companies like the Paris-based SourceAI think it is. This startup is focused on developing a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence in order to write code based on text descriptions of the ideal product.

Originating from GPT-3, a powerful AI language first announced in May 2020 which’s program works by training itself by reading text scraped from the internet, and while it cannot understand what is being said, it can recognize patterns in messages allowing it to generate topical articles, summarizations, and answer questions using its skills.

However, startups like SourceAI recognized its full potential in coding quickly. Soon after its release, a developer used it to create custom web apps, and yet another planned to commercialize the product. The exciting future of AI-written code is still far off, but we can see its origins now. For more information about AI, see this article by WIRED.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash


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