Is NFT and Crypto Market Hardware Tied Based on This New Trend?


OK, so the whole boom of both the Crypto and the NFT markets might have taken the world by a storm in the past few years.

Unfortunately though, the same happened with the video graphics cards. You see, as a peer to peer mechanics, blockchain only can be a no intermediary platform if every user contributes.

And the computing power is what we do contribute. Yet with all the mining for crypto the graphic cards manufacturers were the one taken by surprise, reflecting on prices.

So this week, White House might have reflected on the market cost & energy saving aspect of a new huge NFT market.

With Ethereum taking up to “20% to 39%” of the global energy usage created by blockchains, the upcoming Ethereum merge may help reach the sharp reduction in blockchain energy consumption the White House is now advising for as it switch to a more proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The report incites the March issuance of Executive Order 14067, which called for the responsible development of this growing technology niche, referred to here as the digital assets industry overall.

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