Near Protocol Launches the Blockchain Operating System

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near, a decentralized application (DApp), has revealed that it will be transforming into the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), which is the first-of-its-kind category in the industry. The BOS functions as a universal layer for browsing and discovering open web experiences and is compatible with any blockchain.

The new Blockchain Operating System will establish Near Protocol as the entry point for the Open Web, providing easy access and navigation for both users and developers. The system aims to simplify the usage of both Web3 and Web2.

Onboarding One Billion Users to Open Web

The company’s primary objective since its inception has been to onboard one billion users to the Open Web. The first step in fulfilling this mission was to focus on developing a superior L1 blockchain that was user-friendly and easy to build on. The design prioritizes simplicity, with a flexible account model and human-readable accounts that allow users to choose any name they prefer rather than a complicated string of letters and numbers.

Its Nightshade sharding approach ensures that the blockchain is infinitely scalable and secure. Near also dedicated its efforts to developing tools to support builders working on the protocol, such as the JavaScript SDK, which is now available to 15 million developers.

Expanding Web3 Stack

These efforts have resulted in a flourishing Near ecosystem, with over 23 million accounts and more than a thousand projects under development. However, these accomplishments were only the initial stages of Near’s mission to bring Web3 to a larger audience.

Currently, Near is expanding the Web3 stack to integrate experiences from different corners of the open web and simplify the onboarding and discovery experience for both users and developers.

Near has launched, which serves as a composable frontend for Web3. The platform enables end-users to effortlessly explore all of Web3’s potential in a seamless experience. It also empowers developers to create and program interfaces in a unified environment, allowing them to fork numerous components to build applications more efficiently and quickly than ever before.


Customizable Web3 Experiences with Composable Frontends

Any participant in the Open Web ecosystem has the ability to construct their own frontends, which are compatible with their chosen blockchain (i.e., their own version of As a result, developers from any ecosystem can create components using only a few lines of code and take advantage of rapid onboarding to facilitate the creation of new and customized Web3 experiences.

The new integration of composable frontends into the technology stack is unprecedented in the industry. This addition enables Near to function as the Blockchain Operating System, facilitating a one-time onboarding process and eliminating friction points, such as creating accounts for each experience. It therefore amplifies development through the use of a library containing more than 1,800 components.

Blockchain OS: Customizable and Seamless

The new ecosystem marks the first phase of Near’s journey toward the Blockchain Operating System. It is the alpha version, which provides builders with a glimpse of the frontend in action.

Near’s team stated that the system is capable of working with any blockchain or Web2 backend, enabling users to use a single app without interruption while switching between chains or applications. The solution provides decentralized and composable frontends for developers, which allows them to create customizable components, such as payments, profiles, and notifications, without requiring any hosting.

Aim for Tenfold Growth in Key Metrics

According to the co-founder, Near Protocol, a competitor to Ethereum that provides a smart contract capable and proof-of-stake blockchain, aimed for a ten-fold increase in key metrics last year. These metrics included the number of transactions, active monthly wallets, onboarded projects, developers, and funds invested within the ecosystem.

Visit to test out the Alpha version and encounter the world’s first Blockchain Operating System, which represents a ground-breaking moment for Web3. If you’re a developer, witness how effortless it is to fork components and establish new experiences. If you’re an end-user, explore how simple it is to discover Web3 experiences, social media, and news all in one location.


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