NFT Market Assessed at 41 Billion Dollars & 2023-2030 230B Growth Projection

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Keeping your tabs on the new Investment opportunities? Thinking about new ways your business can grow and expand online to sell more digitally? So are we. So, what’s happening in the world of online business and entrepreneurship tomorrow, next week, next year, 2023? 

Well, not much, besides the NFT market value projection, predicted to be a whopping $230 BILLION by 2030 getting published!

And even though this in practice, considering the nature of the free market, might be a speculation – isn’t any business projection on year to year growth a speculation?

Well, yes and now – as we’ve seen a vast number of actual Businesses grow from $0 or garage to Hundreds of Billions of dollars of market capitalization in a few years. See Apple, Microsoft and countless other examples.

And it is far from being a Techy only trend too. We’ll state more – the fact of today is that it’s the ART industry that pushed the blockchain based Creation, Ownership and Transaction based transparent NFT.

And another fact for anyone who’s listening and taking notes on if it is worth for your Business to invest in – is that now the NFT market is assessed at $10 modest to a more realistic 41 BILLION of an estimate. As we speak. But why does that matter? 


Why is the NFT so big? Well, quite a few reasons stand out as this NFT market value assessment came out at $10 BILLION. 

Just to name a few, so that we’re all on the exact same page:

  • – Crypto showed how the Blockchain tech ecosystem works, it is now worth $1 TRILLION
  • – THE Art NFT niche itself was the only one for a while, still worth Billions 
  • – The Safety and Transparency of the NFT (and blockchain) Creation, Sharing and Transaction mechanics that’s been proven
  • – Daring Innovators & Billionaire’s, including Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and ALL SILICON VALLEY invested Billions for a reason
  • – COVID created a whole new 100s of Millions of Consumers, now more familiar with the Internet Commerce due to Lockdowns 

Quite an impressive rundown of reasons, that made this seemingly crazy assessment look NOT SO CRAZY, ain’t it? 

So, with $40 Billion or just under what GM or Ford cost a few years ago NOW, the 230 Billion projection by 2030 is quite promising. Especially with all the Silicon Valley investment might behind it, pushing it to the masses to make life easier. 


Well, this begs a question – Between NOW, 2022 and the 2030 projection lies a very essential Financial Planning milestone – Next Year, 2023.

So will the NFT blow up in 2023 and if so, as it looks it will, just by how much?

You see, sometimes the longer term projection is easier to do. YET with a whopping 100s of start-ups behind the trend, it does look like it will at least… quadruple?  

At least the current growth curve promises CRAZY HIGH returns, as compared to last year. Meaning the Year to date data shows the NFT booming from 0 to now 10 to some say, 40 BILLION.

But as the main point here be – it all depends on the participation rate for YOU – as in the consumers creating a demand and YOU, a BUSINESS, be it a Gaming, Virtual Tech or Finance – creating OFFER with Web3 services like the NFT app etc. 

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