NFT Takes Over Fantasy Sports After Gaming


With all the frenzy the NFT market sent all kinds of businesses – from Silicon Valley tech giants to finances and gaming lately, this news changes a lot. 

This breaking news, shows that the NFT market that started merely as a collectible market for the gamers initially (which it took over pretty quick) – now moves into new niches. 

Not that far apart from the multi billion dollar Gaming niche where NFT games and projects now get hundreds of millions in Daily transactions combined, here comes the Sports industry.

Though, similar to the SoRare start-up for fantasy football, the more wider angle of entry for the NFT opened up lately. 

According to an analysis, Sports NFTs already are used widely for the subniche of Fantasy sports, but many expect NFTs to also serve as ways for fans to connect with their favourite teams or players. The NFT sports collectible market is now assessed by experts to be in a ballpark of $92 billion in a decade’s time.

 Sales of Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot NFTs, which push the collectible video “moments” that can be bought, sold and exchanged between fans, have expanded. Hence the company has now moved into the even arguably bigger  UFC and NFL collectibles. Most recently Ticketmaster announced a deal to use the Flow blockchain, which Dapper Labs have started initially, to merge the NFTs to tickets in real life, opening a new exciting NFT in real world use case prospect. 

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