Sports Stars Embrace NFT



As the NFT marches through all of the money making business industries imaginable, the new “victim” falling to its efficiency, transparency and cost model is the world of Sports.

Well, not quite the E-Sports, as you might think – as the NFT projects and partnerships worth 100s of $millions came out in the past few month – Acer to Samsung to Fortnite and Blizzard Entertainment. 

This time it’s the sports of the athletes with billions of fans worldwide is the one being tapped in and the worth of this collab is yet to be assessed – but with one thing being for sure already – it’s gonna be a big sum…

The latter is a true start of the NFTs for more mainstream adoption, with most male sports fans rushing to collect NFT memorabilia and Web3-backed event real life sports event tickets. While NFTs give the industry never-before-experienced grades of transparency and the connectivity that especially the old school sports fans need and want.

The platform FANtium is now deploying NFTs to take financing sports to the next cloud 9. Fans can use digital tokens there not only for purchasing peripheralia or tickers, but to sports bet as well… in a way. 

However, instead of placing a bet and walking away with only a monetary reward, NFTs allow fans to get a true personal moment with athletes and have recurring rewards based on their success.

On Oct. 11, the platform closed a funding round backed by prominent figures in both the Web3 and sports worlds, such as Sebastian Borget, co-founder and chief operation officer of the Sandbox metaverse, and a world renowned Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem.

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