Web3 Game Development: CCP Games Obtains $40M in Financing

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Web3 game is at the heart of a groundbreaking announcement from CCP Games, the distinguished developer behind the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game EVE Online. The renowned studio has successfully obtained $40 million in funding from external partners. This investment enables the full-scale development of a new AAA title utilizing blockchain technology, with the game set within the sprawling EVE Universe. With Web3 gaming gaining momentum, CCP Games aims to harness the transformative potential of blockchain to create a more meaningful and immersive virtual world.

Envisioning a Universe of Empowered Players

CCP Games’ CEO, Hilmar V. Pétursson, expressed excitement about the company’s new direction, emphasizing the potential of blockchain advancements to enhance player agency and autonomy. By implementing key game systems on-chain and leveraging smart-contract technology, the new title will focus on persistence, composability, and truly open third-party development, forging a revolutionary relationship between virtual worlds and their inhabitants.

A Star-Studded Web3 Game Investment Lineup

The $40 million financing round was led by prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), with participation from Makers Fund, BITKRAFT, Kingsway Capital, HASHED, Nexon, and other investors. These partners have recognized CCP Games’ expertise in creating immersive digital economies and living sandboxes, and they are excited to support the studio’s ambitious vision. The investors share the belief that CCP Games’ new title will deliver groundbreaking player experiences at the intersection of best-in-class game design and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Building on a Legacy of Rich Virtual Worlds

For 25 years, CCP Games has been a pioneer in the development of virtual worlds, with EVE Online serving as a prime example of a living sandbox characterized by unparalleled depth. The planned Web3 game will capitalize on the studio’s rich history and expertise, creating a new experience that is poised to transform the gaming landscape while staying true to the core principles of the EVE Universe.

Web3 game

Image Credit: CCPGames.com

Reuniting with Industry Leaders and Former Employees

Among the investors in CCP Games’ latest project is Makers Fund Principal, Alli Óttarsson, a former employee of the studio. This reunion speaks to the continued passion and dedication of CCP Games in creating meaningful virtual worlds, and it highlights the strong belief in the potential of the new title to revolutionize the gaming experience.

High Expectations for CCP Games’ Blockchain Innovation

BITKRAFT Ventures Partner, Carlos Pereira, expressed his excitement about the potential of blockchain technology in the hands of CCP Games’ experienced team. The gaming world has long been captivated by the complex interstellar warfare, massive spaceships, and emergent sovereign play patterns in EVE Online, and the expectations are high for the new title to further push the boundaries of virtual worlds.

A Distinct Web3 Game Development Path

It is important to note that the new title’s production is separate from current and previously disclosed projects, including the ongoing development of EVE Online, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. As the studio delves into the development of a Web3 game, it remains committed to supporting and evolving its existing titles.

Stay Tuned for Project Updates and Opportunities

As CCP Games delves into the innovative realm of a Web3 game, the studio is eager to keep the community informed about the latest developments and milestones of this groundbreaking project. To stay up-to-date with the most recent news and announcements, interested parties are encouraged to register at www.projectawakening.io, where they can subscribe to receive timely information directly in their inbox.

CCP Games is also actively seeking talented individuals to join their team and contribute to the creation of this revolutionary Web3 game. If you are passionate about gaming and have skills in areas such as game design, programming, or art, the company invites you to explore their career opportunities. By visiting the CCP Games careers page, you can learn more about current open positions, the application process, and the unique benefits of working with a visionary company like CCP Games.


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