Web3 Gaming Startup Xterio Secures $15 Million Investment from Binance Labs to Amplify its AI-Driven, Blockchain-Compatible Ecosystem

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Imagine a world where the boundaries between free-to-play and on-chain gaming are being redrawn. Where the canvas of creativity is limitless. That’s the world Xterio is envisioning. This groundbreaking Web3 gaming startup has just joined forces with Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation sector of the juggernaut Binance. And this isn’t just any partnership. Binance Labs is making a significant, $15 million investment in Xterio’s vision. The intent? To inspire innovation in the nascent Web3 gaming arena, and to amplify the game development capabilities incubated by Xterio, with a particular focus on integrating artificial intelligence.

AI and Blockchain – Creating New Realities in Gaming

The magic of Xterio is in its potential to redefine what we understand as gaming today. They are taking the next big leap, a leap into the world of Web3 gaming, crafting an ecosystem where free-to-play and on-chain gaming co-exist. And with the support of Binance Labs, they’re now in a position to lead the Web3 revolution with even more intensity. By harnessing the immense power of AI and blockchain, they’re set to deliver on-chain gaming experiences that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. This is more than just a game. It’s a transformation. It’s a revolution. It’s the future of gaming.

“Xterio is creating a new universe in gaming, a world that grows exponentially every moment. This universe brings together free-to-play genres and on-chain gaming, creating a bridge powered by the thrust of artificial intelligence,” shared Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance & Head of Binance Labs. And the architects of this universe? A band of seasoned warriors from the Web2 world joining hands with the emerging crusaders of the Web3 gaming world.

Transforming the Gaming Narrative Through AI

With the fresh infusion of funding, Xterio has set its sights on a new frontier – to untangle and harness the potential of AI in the Web3 landscape, offering an immersive experience that is uniquely AI-driven. Xterio is currently working on an AI toolkit that promises to be nothing short of revolutionary, creating style-consistent, production-quality 2D and 3D assets, and in the process, reimagining the role of AI in gaming.

The AI toolkit comes with an “emotion engine for artificial intelligence“, which will be a shared treasure, accessible to all content partners within the Xterio ecosystem. The aim is not just to provide users with AI companionship, but to create a meaningful bond that goes beyond the ordinary, beyond what typical gaming experiences can offer. This isn’t just about changing the game, it’s about creating a new era in gaming.

Michael Tong, co-founder of Xterio, regards this strategic union with a visionary’s optimism. “This investment from Binance Labs doesn’t just bolster our resources. It magnifies our ability to launch a transformative ecosystem token and premiere-quality games,” he asserts, with an anticipatory glimmer in his eye. The horizon is broad for Xterio, and with Binance Labs at their side, they see not obstacles, but opportunities.

Web3 Gaming

Binance Labs: Cultivating the Web3 Gaming Landscape

In the journey of innovation, a companion who understands your vision is invaluable. Binance Labs doesn’t just support Xterio’s growth, it cultivates it, aiding the integration of Xterio’s token into the BNB Chain ecosystem.

With an impressive lineup of cross-platform games poised for launch on PC and mobile, Xterio is capturing attention, promising an unmatched gaming experience. And the innovation doesn’t stop there. Within the digital realms Xterio crafts, you’ll find a trove of digital collectibles, each a testament to the vision and skill of Xterio’s creators.

Handing the Power Back to the Creators

Xterio is driving forward with full throttle, enhancing the development process of its in-house and third-party games, pushing the boundaries of tech development, and looking towards the integration of AI and the launch of its tokens.

The Xterio ecosystem is not a mere playground for game developers and designers. It’s a transformative landscape, a digital canvas on which creators can shape their dreams, distribute their visions, and reap the rewards of their labor. This is the essence of Web3 gaming – it’s about more than creating value; it’s about ensuring that value flows back to those who kindled it. In this realm, creators are not subjects to large corporations, but pioneers charting their own course. The promise of Web3 is realized in Xterio, and we’re just beginning to see the revolution unfold.

Xterio: Offering Diverse Gaming Experiences

Just as a symphony weaves together the unique voices of each instrument to create a harmonious whole, Xterio is weaving together diverse gaming experiences to create a tapestry of digital adventures. Whether you are drawn into the immersive landscapes of Overworld, strategizing your next move in Age of Dino, or navigating the intense action of 3T, Xterio has a world. Each experience is a testament to Xterio’s commitment to variety and quality, not just in their in-house games but also in those developed by third-party collaborators.

With the backing of Binance Labs, Xterio’s bold vision of becoming a cornerstone in the Web3 gaming universe isn’t just a dream—it’s becoming reality. This investment transcends the bounds of mere financial support—it’s a testament to Binance Labs’ belief in Xterio’s potential and a resounding endorsement of the entire Web3 gaming industry. This alliance is the spark that will ignite the next revolution in digital gaming, and the world watches, with anticipation hanging in the air, eager to witness what they will achieve.

This partnership isn’t just a triumph for Xterio—it’s a beacon for the broader Web3 gaming ecosystem. It stands as a testament to the power of strategic alliances, shining a light on the path for others to follow, accelerating the rise of the Web3 gaming industry.

Peeking into the Future: Xterio’s Upcoming Gaming Endeavours

Xterio continues its growth trajectory and preparing a portfolio of cross-platform games, set to captivate both PC and mobile audiences. This upcoming array of gaming experiences is a testament to Xterio’s unwavering commitment to deliver games that not only entertain but also blur the lines between free-to-play and on-chain gaming.

The details of Xterio’s first and third-party games remain a tantalizing secret for now, but the message is clear—Xterio is here to revolutionize the standards of on-chain gaming. Each forthcoming release will be a bellwether for the gaming industry, illuminating the vast potential that Web3 gaming holds.

The strategic investment by Binance Labs in the Web3 gaming startup Xterio is an affirmation of the transformative potential of the sector. It sets a precedent for future alliances, catalyzing the evolution and expansion of the Web3 gaming terrain. As we watch this landscape take shape, one thing is certain—the future of gaming is a vista of unbounded possibility.

Source: binance.com


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