Are Small Cities the Future of Startups?


With the price of living in mainstream cities like New York and San Francisco skyrocketing, some startups need to consider relocating. But is it as plausible of an idea as it seems? Here are some of the things to consider when deciding whether your startup should move to a smaller city. 

With smaller cities come smaller communities. It will be easier to break into the established social and business networks in a city with a few significant companies than in one with many. In general, you can connect with other business owners and possible partners easier and better than in more significant, sprawling hubs. 

Similarly, a smaller city can allow your startup to be more visible to investors and the general public. By moving to a less contested area, your business has more space to grow and thrive with the local communities. 

For more things to take into consideration, see this article by Techstars. 

Photo by Endri Killo on Unsplash


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