Digital Transformation

Technology changes rapidly. Just when you think your technology stack and team are finally in order, some new framework—that’s all the rage— shows up and disrupts your stability. What’s worse, is if years have gone by since this disruption.

We get it. It’s hard to keep up. That’s why our process for helping companies bring their technology teams into modern modes of working has spelled success for many of our clients.

We can help you understand the way our of your technology maze and even figuratively build you the right kind of ladders to get out faster.


Redesign Older Digital Properties

If your company’s (or your clients’) websites and apps are languishing with older security schemes or slower loading times, it’s time to revisit them and modernize them. Visible Magic will assess the state of your digital properties and provide the UX, design, and development consultation needed to bring them to their best state and transform your digital approach to best-in-class.


Increase User Engagement

In the digital space, nothing turns away a potential sale, lead, or consumer connection opportunity like a user experience that is at best, not meeting users’ needs and at worst is downright derivative and boring. Novel, immersive experiences can make the difference and leaving your brand name top-of-mind. We can help you craft and launch something beautiful.


Increase Customer Retention

Part and parcel to driving successful user engagement, is the retention that comes from it. Solving for users’ needs shows them you know them. It shows them you understand them and keeps them coming back to your digital property.


New Feature Design and Execution

Of course, bringing new, immersive sites and apps to life starts with the right ideas. We help you synthesize the things you already know into actionable roadmaps for beautiful consumer-centric digital experiences.

Case Studies

We provide end-to-end technical solutions for enterprise, brands, digital agencies, and startups.

“Patience’s Journey” for Adept Marketing

We built a sophisticated video player for Adept. This included audio, subtitles, autoplay, and mobile support. It was a technical challenge to combine all these features and make them work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

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Convergent Media Group

We helped CMG digitally transform into a modern, agile agency, with strategic approach to JamStack and React web applications.

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